The Gayatri Festival and your invited. . .

The Gayatri Festival is a peak in Deva Premal and Miten’s offering of Mantras, Singing, and Devotion. Together with virtuoso flutist Manose, they have been coming to Arillas for more than 17 years, sharing their hearts in week long processes throughout the summer.

In 2015, Nityanando created the Gayatri Mandir for their work and community. it is an ongoing work as worship with each song, each raising of the arms in praise, a part of its structure.

The Gayatri Festival is the principal offering available in the Gayatri Mandir which is located in the tranquility of the Olive Groves of Arillas, Corfu Greece.

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A festival breakfast and festival picnic lunch will be available. Both meals are vegetarian and will be served at the Gayatri Mandir before and after the morning session. Full details will be available here soon and will also be sent to you once you have booked.

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Practical Considerations

»Cushions will be provided, and you are welcome to bring your own for added comfort. Chairs are available for those who need them.

»Fresh filtered drinking water is provided at the Gayatri Mandir (bring your own personal water bottles to refill).

»Mosquito Repellent: The Gayatri Mandir is open air in the olive groves. Please bring whatever mosquito repellent best suits your needs.

»This is a non-secured area, please do not bring valuables to the Gayatri Mandir.

»Please note: The beauty of the Gayatri Mandir is that it is an outdoor temple. We are close to the elements and Mother Nature. In that spirit, here will be no refound if sessions have to be cancelled due to rain. Please don’t worry though – Corfu is almost always dry in the summer, sunny, and most beautiful.

Things to know before coming to the Gayatri Festival;

For information about getting to and from the Gayatri Mandir see our Location / Local info tab.

We welcome children who enjoy participating in chanting to join the group.

Anyone under 16 years is welcome to attend the Gayatri Festival for free on the provision they respect the meditative aspect of the sessions. If you would like your children to join the group, please let us know in advance via the online booking form. This is important to enable us to manage the group size – thank you.

There is no parking at the Gayatri Mandir, and for most, no need of a vehicle, as the hotels, restaurants and beach are all just minutes away by foot.

An opportunity at the Gayatri Mandir is to slow your life to walking pace for these days with us.

If you do need to drive, please park your vehicle at the beachfront, or surrounding area, and walk to and from the Gayatri Mandir.

If you need special assistance or wheelchair access please contact us
and we will do our best to support you.

We encourage you to include these walks as part of your Gayatri Mandir Experience.


"slowing your pace, resting your mind".

As accommodation nearby is limited, especially during peak season, we encourage you to book as early as possible. For the Gayatri Festivals; For more information about accommodation

To enhance the feeling of community, and/or to make it more affordable, it may be possible to share accommodation with someone. If you would like to explore this option, please contact Green Corfu